Our story

1990, Bitonto, Puglia: Marbel was born.
In an area of ancient textile tradition, the commercial and managerial skills of its founder, Giuseppe Cariello, give life to one of the most dynamic and creative companies in the manufacturing sector. Mb Side was the first brand created and distributed, thanks to which Marbel was suddenly appointed as leader at the target audience. A story of creativity and experimentation, but also of family and tradition. A story full of personal experiences, meetings, inspirations and professional skills. A proundly Italian Company, which combines craftsmanship and technology to create garments of excellent quality in the continuity and consolidation of Made in Italy.

The vision

The study and the continuous comparison in team on shapes, materials, colors; the constant attention to details and the precision of the workmanship represent for Marbel the starting point and never the arrival point. In the industrial plant of about 7.000 square meters is invested in promoting the excellence of the brand, which is expressed in the uniqueness of the concepts and design, always aiming to create an added value to the style of all the collections. Currently, the Italian Market covers around 80% of the business volume, while the International one is about 20%. Thanks to the commercial and development strategies developed by the management, organic grow this taking place in Asian and Middle Eastern Markets.

The mission

We like to tell a lot about ourselves: how a product is made, the detail, the refine- ment. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to Quality. And at Marbel Spa, quality starts from the meticulous and spasmodic research of raw materials, from which everything starts. We are never satisfied, we are always looking for highly qualified, highly skilled partners who share our vision and our concept of style. All the phases of every single process are studied, supervised, carefully examined until the perfect product is reached, in shape and design. The distribution is supported by a wide- spread and highly organized sales network, oriented towards continuous growth and the achievement of all corporate business objectives. Sales follow-up is atten- tive, punctual, efficient: creating value for the customer becomes the only big goal. Marbel Spa is the essence of Made in Italy. Expression of contemporary fashion design, where tradition and innovation are perfectly balanced to give life and a totally up-to-date style.

The people

Positivism. Commitment. Enthusiasm.
Open mind to explore new territories. Marbel is a true, visionary Company, made up of young people, of shared emotions. Passion. Dedication. Team play. Investing in people means increasing the chances of a successful idea being realized. Becoming aware of the great environmental and social changes in the world, and their impact on our live, has led Marbel to rewrite its way of doing business, looking at business as a positive forse capable of generating profit and, at the same time, creating a virtuous impact on the environment and people. The deep ethical sense found in the Company’s relations; the concrete commitment to sustainable development, which involves the Company and its production and life choices, has created the conditions to generate new shared sustainable development behaviors, firs and foremost the renunciation of printed paper.