In 1990, in Bitonto, in the heart of Puglia, Giuseppe Cariello, with the desire to enhance his land, gave birth to: Marbel Spa, today one of the most active and dynamic companies in the kidswear sector thanks to commercial, managerial and leadership skills of his founder.
Marbel is a story of sacrifice and hard work, of research and innovation. Marbel is the story of his family and his team, who day after day work to combine innovation and tradition, promoting their territory nationally and internationally.


Born from the attachment to their land and the desire to enhance and enrich it, Marbel is constantly looking for new shapes, materials, colors and ideas to create a unique and quality product that enhances each individual brand.
In the industrial plant of about 7,000 square meters, she constantly invests in the research and promotion of excellence which translates into the uniqueness of concepts and design.
Currently the national market covers about 80% of the turnover, while the international market about 20%, thanks to the commercial and development strategies developed by its founder.
“Marbel's roots are here. It is essential to maintain a relationship with local realities, to enhance and increase the Italian and Apulian artisan heritage, in particular "(Giuseppe Cariello).
Just like the olive tree, a symbol of the territory, has its roots firmly in the earth, but with the branches and leaves that always point to the sky, Marbel spa aims at constant growth and the promotion of its history and tradition.


We like to tell a lot about ourselves: how a product is made, the detail, the refinement. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to Quality. And in Marbel Spa quality starts from the meticulous and spasmodic research of raw materials, from which it all begins. We are never satisfied, we are always looking for highly qualified partners who can share our vision and our concept of style.

All the phases of each single process are studied, supervised, carefully screened until the perfect product is reached, in shape and design. Distribution is supported by a widespread and highly organized sales network, oriented towards continuous growth and the achievement of all commercial and corporate objectives. The follow up to the sale is careful, punctual, efficient: creating value for the customer becomes the only great goal.

Marbel Spa is the essence of Made in Italy. Expression of the contemporaneity of fashion design, where tradition and innovation are perfectly balanced to give life to a totally up-to-date style.


"The real added values ​​of the company are the attention and respect towards those who work with us, from employees to agents and resellers. I have always liked the idea that from the first day of work the collaborator could grow hand in hand with Marbel, feeling appreciated and always the protagonist of the company's successes. But here it is just as if we were all part of a big family. " (Giuseppe Cariello)

Marbel is a real company, made up of young people, shared passions and emotions. Teamwork is a fundamental concept for the company. Marbel is the sharing of ideas and opinions aimed at the personal and professional growth of the individual employee, as well as of the entire company.

The business, therefore, becomes a positive force capable of generating profit and, at the same time, creating a virtuous impact on the environment and people.

A fundamental theme for Marbel is sustainable development, to which we commit ourselves every day with an ethical sense and dedication, both in terms of production choices and those of corporate life.