The kid who wears Aspen Polo Club is fun, dynamic and determined, especially when it comes to staying in motion all day long. For this reason, Aspen Polo Club collections are street style enough to be fashionable and sporty at the same time in order to be comfortable from morning to night. On the other hand, the distinctive feature of Aspen Polo Club is to create practical and comfortable items of clothing with a sporty design that does not sacrifice taste for fashion and high quality, able to offer young boys and girls the right comfort to live their life lightly, as their age requires.
Collection S/S 2021
For Spring/Summer 2021, Aspen takes us on a journey around the world, discovering new and fascinating realities, making us aware of the beauties that surround us and that we could keep not only in our hearts, but also in our looks. The curiosity typical of children is the driving force of a collection that brings us to travel with fantasy, to distant lands, full of adventures and interesting reality. Flags from all over the world meet our t-shirts and sweatshirts, proposed both in the version with and without hood, becoming the cult print of the season, maintaining a particular predilection for the U.S flag, which has always characterized the collections of the brand, and that is proposed in a maxi version on t-shirts and polo shirts. Aspen, however, also enjoys playing with the colors, distorting the colors of the flags, making them symbols of new and unexplored countries, waiting to be discovered as new Robinson Crusoe. Single-colored short-sleeved shirts or in the striped version, are combined with cargo pants or bermuda shorts in neutral shades of white, beige and blue. Functional garments, ideal to give life to a comfy and sophisticated look, which mixes casual and formal to adapt to every moment of the day. Aspen’s journey moves towards destinations with a marked summer vibe: the models with essential design are enriched with shades of delavé effect, which immediately refer to the world of Californian surfers. In a cool Malibu, t-shirt tie-dye blend blue and acid green or ice white and black, for an absolutely psychedelic proposal.