The brand was born in 1983 in Bologna from an idea by Daniele Alessandrini. The success achieved since the launch of the first collection of the Daniele Alessandrini brand convinces the designer to diversify the looks giving life to various lines for men, like D.A DANIELE ALESSANDRINI: trendy line or
GRAY DANIELE ALESSANDRINI: line based on clothes and minimal moods.

One of the brand’s inspiring principles is quality as an enhancement of Italian skills and as obsessive attention to weaving and cutting fabrics for a tailored fit. Elegance with a vintage taste and attention to metropolitan costumes build the success of the brand.

In 2011 there is the debut of the first Kids collection, produced and distributed by Marbel, and realized following the unmistakable Daniele Alessandrini style. The brand is present in Europe, Japan, Korea, USA and Canada.


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